JCSDA Near-Real-Time Observation Monitoring


Resolution: c768

6-hr Assimilation Window Begins: 2021-02-04T15:00:00

Application Goals

This is a near real-time demonstration of the JEDI H(X) application, which simulates observations from a forecast model background state in correspondence with actual observations.

Background Information

Computing H(X) is the first step in assimilating observation data into a forecast system. JEDI supports the end-to-end process of data assimilation, through unified forward operators (UFO), an interface for observation data access (IODA), variational solvers from the object oriented prediction system (OOPS), and system-agnostic background error representation (SABER).


Observations are processed in 6-hr windows beginning at 0300Z, 0900Z, 1500Z, and 2100Z. Analysis is generated every 6 hours with an approximately 72 hour delay due to GFS background availability on tape.

Observation Data Sources

All obs sources are converted to IODA format using the conversion programs from the ioda-converters project.

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