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The Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) instrument can distinguish between aerosol types, such as smoke, dust, and sulfates, and measures cloud pressure and coverage, which provides data to derive tropospheric ozone.

OMI continues the TOMS record for total ozone and other atmospheric parameters related to ozone chemistry and climate. OMI measurements are highly synergistic with the other instruments on the Aura platform.

The OMI instrument employs hyperspectral imaging in a push-broom mode to observe solar backscatter radiation in the visible and ultraviolet. The hyperspectral capabilities improve the accuracy and precision of the total ozone amounts and also allow for accurate radiometric and wavelength self calibration over the long term.


For each variable and/or satellite channel, shown are the observation counts (left), O-B RMSD (center), and O-B bias (right).
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integrated_layer_ozone_in_air count
integrated_layer_ozone_in_air ombg_rmsd
integrated_layer_ozone_in_air ombg_bias