JCSDA Near-Real-Time Monitoring

Model: GFS Resolution: c768
OOPS Products: [hofx3d]

Assimilation Window Width: PT6H Begin: 2020-08-06T15:00:00

This is a live demo of the capabilities of the JEDI FV3GFS data assimilation system using the operational GSI NCDIAGS observations. Expect this site to change frequently with updated instruments, plots, and QC filtering.

System Goals

A near-real-time demonstration of the JEDI H(X) application, displaying current capabilities of JEDI Unified Forward Operators. Agile development - ensure up-to-date working code can be released at any time, yet also automatically incorporating the latest changes.

Data Assimilation

Computing H(X) is the first step in assimilating observation data into a forecast system. JEDI is used for universal forward operators (UFO), observation I/O database (IODA), variational solvers (OOPS), and static background error representation (SABER)


Observation windows correspond to GSI 6 hour windows beginning at 0300Z, 0900Z, 1500Z, and 2100Z. Analysis is generated at 6 hour intervals with an approximately 72 hour delay due to GFS background availability on tape.

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